Sunday, December 14, 2008


I hate socks.

The kidlets household currently has 4 sizes of socks--ittle-bittle baby socks, small preschooler socks, medium mommy socks and oversized daddy socks. We apparently wear at least 2 pairs each, per day. I don't recall changing my socks that much, but apparently everyone else does.

Each load of laundry contains TOO MANY socks. They're stuck to each other, they disappear inside other clothes, they just vanish without a trace, leaving me with poor lonely single socks. I have to match them and put them away.

And let's not forget that stinky socks are the FAVORITE toy of our puppy. He pulls them off Jake's feet, just to have the chance to eat them. He tosses them in the air and they land in odd places. They get pushed under the sofa, behind the chair, on the stereo speaker. Where I put them into the laundry basket and start the whole dreary process all over again.

I hate socks.

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