Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2 years as what I consider to be "the mom I want to be"...the kidlets and I spent Memorial Day pretty much at the pool. We have sunburn and more chlorine than I thought possible, but we are having fun!

It's amazing to me that I can let Jake go at the pool. He has friends, he can swim like a fish and he doesn't need me to watch his every step. This is an amazing step forward in my life as a mother. Of course, Phoebe still NEEDS me (as she reminds me constantly), but even she has friends and can be in the baby pool without me being 6 inches from her. I can chat or even (heaven help me) read an article!

The growing up process is so amazing for me. Maybe because I didn't grow up yet? I still feel young. Is it because I have young kids and am teaching college students? Am I just a young-thinking person?

Don't get me wrong--I'm old. Sometimes I feel it. Most times, I don't. This week I'm attending a faculty workshop to make myself better at using technology in the classroom to keep on top of what I do... and what I want to do.

This IS my mid-life "crisis". Making changes in my life... mom, professor. Happy.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bike Whiz!

Thank the good Lord that Jake inherited Daddy's agility genes. Last Saturday, we took the training wheels off his bike. On Sunday he was riding through the woods,and we ordered a new bike because the one he had was too small. Every night this week he has ridden his bike--yesterday the new one arrived.
Jake and Daddy went to a local bike trail--and spent half an hour biking and even going to visit a friend!
The kid rides better than I do. *sigh* Phoebe is a madwoman on her tricycle--and when we paint Jake's bike pink--watch out! I have a feeling she will take to it too.

So it will just be Mommy falling behind.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter, Fun and...age

Not much snow this year so far--so when it finally snowed this weekend you KNOW the kidlets wanted to get out into it. And because I can't sit inside and see all the places they can go--out I went with them.
I can remember loving winter...tromping for hours in the snow, sledding and playing. Finally coming in to a nice fire and hot chocolate. Then I remembered that my mom made all that happen! So now that I'm the mom? Yeah, not as much fun to come in from the cold and do all that.
Today we played ice giants attack in the playset. I clambered up into it to hide from the rampaging giants... this after an hour of sledding, walking the dog and generally being outside. So once the ice giants had been vanquished a few times, I (and my cold behind) really wanted to go inside. After a great deal of whining (on my part) I convinced them to come in and warm up.

I'm so happy that we played together, and that their imaginations were so fired up! As I sit here and my cold bones defrost, though, I wish I was MORE fun. Could stay outside longer. Had more energy.