Monday, December 8, 2008

Puppies and Preschoolers

It wasn't until a few days ago that I realized how much alike they are. First off, both are cute beyond belief. The happy smiley face, the hair that goes every which way, the speed of movement that occasionally ends with falling, rolling, laughing.

How about the desire to please? Yep, puppies want to make you happy, even as they pee on the carpet for the 14th time. The preschooler honestly wants to make you happy, despite the crayon on the wall and the bath water all over the floor.

The toys are similar too. They have to be durable to stand up to pulling, tossing, running and jumping. It also helps if they are strong enough to remain whole even after Mommy or Daddy steps on them.

It all comes back to one word, though--love. If you sit on the floor, both the puppy and the preschooler will climb all over you, bestow wet kisses on your face then maybe... maybe... if you are lucky... both will curl up, exhausted with the day's play... and fall asleep. Dreaming, most likely, of another day's play to come.

And you will sit there and wonder how you ever got so lucky.

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