Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Day at a Time

It's becoming my mantra. Take it a day at a time...ommm...
Last night the de-worming that our puppy had ended with a spectacular result--the exit of the worms. So he feels much better and I have an image branded in my head that I really didn't want.

Jake is deciding this is a good time to push every button and test every rule that exists. In between being utterly charming and loving.

Phoebe alternates between jamming both hands in her mouth and drooling, screaming and arching her back, and demanding to nurse. Even though she is, technically, weaned. But who cares about technicalities when you're teething?

Oh yeah, and that other big guy in the house, the one I married, I think he looms around in the background wanting some sort of attention too.

A day at a time.

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