Monday, July 18, 2011

Swim Season 2011

My super swimmer Jake is going to be joined soon by sister swimmer Phoebe. A few days ago she decided she wanted to swim. Get her face wet, the whole works. A week ago if she got splashed, I think her screams of outrage could be heard in Timbuktu. But suddenly, she wants to swim. So she will.

She potty-trained much the same way. Decided one day to wear panties and hasn't looked back. So I have a strong-minded girl on my hands. Lucky me?

Jake had a great season as well. Mostly firsts and seconds in freestyle and backstroke. Time trials are this week, then maybe championships. So when did I turn into a swim mom? I am feeling very suburban. I'm not sure if I mean that in a good or bad way... I wasn't expecting this in my life for sure!

Jake starts first grade this fall, and I wonder where the time goes. In 2 years, Phoebe will go to kindergarten. My mind is being blown on a daily basis with their intelligence, awareness and general sense of what is funny. In the car the other day Phoebe was singing her own mash-up...Fight for your Right to Party and Dynamite. I don't know how she connected the Beastie Boys and Justin Bieber, but she did. An unholy alliance for sure!