Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little Boys and Little Girls

I never thought that children would crack me up so much. I mean holding-my-sides, rip-roaring, tears-flowing LAUGHTER.

Case in point: Jake, Phoebe and I went to visit Jake's friend Exene. They got married a few months ago at school, so we let them see each other on the weekend. We went with the purpose of decorating gingerbread cookies. When we got there, the two of them were so excited to see each other. Jake ripped off his coat and got into the chair. Exene had a little apron on. Jake decorated a cookie for her, and she squealed with excitement. Man, I am in SUCH trouble when he turns 14...

Anyway, they moved on to other games. Exene got a doctor's kit for her birthday, so they decided to play doctor. Jennifer (her mom) and I kept a very watchful eye on the activity, but it was harmless. Then they took Exene's baby doll and "operated" on it. Took out it's heart, injected it with poison... Jennifer and I were horrified, but both kids ASSURED us "it's just pretend." Then Jake told us he was Dr. Evil and Exene was Dr. Evil Girl. First Jake chase Exene, who screamed and flung her hands around, then Exene chased Jake... who screamed and flung his hands around.

That tired them out so they crawled under a blanket onto a futon to go to bed. Much giggling ensued. We only hope we aren't scarring them by allowing this :) Exene told Jake she loved him and Jake asked me about it--he said you only love your family, right? I told him it's OK to love friends too.

As I watched them play together, laugh together, even learn together I was struck by how fast time is moving and how quickly he is maturing. Without prompting, he said thank you when Jennifer gave him some milk. He offered to let Exene play with his Speed Racer car. They agreed to play together at one game, even though they really wanted another game. He made tons of silly faces to make all of us laugh.

My child, my heart--I am continually amazed.

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