Sunday, December 7, 2008

On A Snowy Morning

It started snowing last night, quietly. I almost didn't notice the blanket that slowly sprinkled, like powdered sugar, on our house. But by morning, an inch had fallen. An inch of new snow, an inch of possibilities.

Jake woke and glanced out the window. "Mommy! Snow!" That's right baby, snow. The first order of business was to get dressed and get right out in it. But he had to wait. For Mommy to dress Phoebe, for Daddy to get dressed, for Regen the dog to get hooked to a leash. But finally! Ready to go outside!

Daddy went to the shed to grab the sleds. With only an inch, not much room for sledding, but if you are just 40 pounds--it works. Daddy pulled and released him down the hill--again and again. Regen following, tumbling, blond hair and blond dog rolling in the sunshine and snow. Phoebe watching, laughing with delight.

Then we head for the woods. 11 acres of trails and fun. Daddy pulling the sled, puppy running, tangling, falling. Phoebe insisting on facing forward--forget Mommy's face, she wants to see what's going on!

Laughter, yelling, running, falling. Could a snowy day be any more fun? Back to the house, to get warm, to talk about the fun we had, to laugh... to love.

How could I ever be so lucky?

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