Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter, Fun and...age

Not much snow this year so far--so when it finally snowed this weekend you KNOW the kidlets wanted to get out into it. And because I can't sit inside and see all the places they can go--out I went with them.
I can remember loving winter...tromping for hours in the snow, sledding and playing. Finally coming in to a nice fire and hot chocolate. Then I remembered that my mom made all that happen! So now that I'm the mom? Yeah, not as much fun to come in from the cold and do all that.
Today we played ice giants attack in the playset. I clambered up into it to hide from the rampaging giants... this after an hour of sledding, walking the dog and generally being outside. So once the ice giants had been vanquished a few times, I (and my cold behind) really wanted to go inside. After a great deal of whining (on my part) I convinced them to come in and warm up.

I'm so happy that we played together, and that their imaginations were so fired up! As I sit here and my cold bones defrost, though, I wish I was MORE fun. Could stay outside longer. Had more energy.