Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2 years as what I consider to be "the mom I want to be"...the kidlets and I spent Memorial Day pretty much at the pool. We have sunburn and more chlorine than I thought possible, but we are having fun!

It's amazing to me that I can let Jake go at the pool. He has friends, he can swim like a fish and he doesn't need me to watch his every step. This is an amazing step forward in my life as a mother. Of course, Phoebe still NEEDS me (as she reminds me constantly), but even she has friends and can be in the baby pool without me being 6 inches from her. I can chat or even (heaven help me) read an article!

The growing up process is so amazing for me. Maybe because I didn't grow up yet? I still feel young. Is it because I have young kids and am teaching college students? Am I just a young-thinking person?

Don't get me wrong--I'm old. Sometimes I feel it. Most times, I don't. This week I'm attending a faculty workshop to make myself better at using technology in the classroom to keep on top of what I do... and what I want to do.

This IS my mid-life "crisis". Making changes in my life... mom, professor. Happy.

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