Sunday, March 8, 2009

Musing on Spring

Spring is taunting me. It knows how much I long for its arrival. How I hate the cold, snow and wind. How my heart leaps at the sight of crocuses peeking out of the chilled earth, a promise of new life, warmth, beauty.

Somehow this spring seems like it will be especially marvelous. Phoebe will turn 1! We've already been outside on a warm day. She in the swing, watching her lunatic brother run fast and fall down, just because he can. Laughing and pointing at the silly canine and equally silly Jake.

Pretty soon I will let her onto the ground to feel the growing grass for herself. To soak in the sunshine, look at flowers, watch birds hop in the garden. How fun it will be! Before I know it, she'll be walking, then running.

And I will have the exquisite joy of seeing my children play together, laugh, run, fall, get up and do it all over. I must remember to cherish the moments and lock the sun and laughter in my heart so I can see them again and again!

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