Sunday, February 1, 2009


Change is a funny thing. Some people embrace it--flitting like butterflies from job to job, situation to situation. Living for the thrill of newness and unexpected circumstances.

Other resist change like it's a disease. Digging their feet in, and getting dragged kicking and screaming into change.

I like to think I'm closer to the former than the latter. I'm about to find out.

My job was just eliminated. The place is being reorganized, changed. I can apply for the new job that will be created, but there are no guarantees, no promises that I will continue to be employed here. Continuing my employment means learning a new skill set, changing how I do what I do. Not continuing my employment means finding something else, something new to do.

That change can be a good thing. Changing by learning and opening your mind is exciting. I welcome the chance to stretch myself, learn new technology and move into the future. But this future might or might not include me. Change that is paired with extreme uncertainty is not as exciting.

But I wanted, I needed a change. I was stuck in a rut. Despite my successful efforts to learn a new career and challenge myself, it's still been hard to actually MAKE a change. And now it's forced on me.

In the weeks ahead I'll find out more about the change, what I can do and what I can't do. Where I can go. What my options are. What grand new adventures are ahead of me! I look forward to change and the opportunity to re-invent myself. Out with the old and in with the new.

Yeah, but can I say I'm still just a bit scared?

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